My New Career Begins Here, Now. Today!

So here I am, camped out at the kitchen table having just said ‘see you next Monday’ to my 14-yr old son.

My computer keyboard, as part of a very proud and industrious MacBook Pro, is already showing signs of wear and abuse. Still, I do have my handy-dandy wireless keyboard ready and willing to share the load! So what’s this blog about? Me I guess, but at the most minute level. I am blogging about my trials and tribulations as I launch my new and what will be a highly successful and rewarding career.

I’ve decided that I am grown up and I will be a social media and marketing communications diva.

But it’s so much larger than that. I want to work within my community of Sonoma County California, to help my community. Not to market widgets per say, but ideas, processes, local stores, entrepreneurs, not for profits, and other good folk. Let’s make this thing work!

It’s different now.

2 thoughts on “My New Career Begins Here, Now. Today!

  1. Dean says:

    You’re doing exactly what I want to do, albeit not the same job, but blogging after moving across the pond. If I had a hat on I would take it off if only to salute you or anybody with courage enough to leap into the unknown and move abroad.

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