If you have kids, or ever were one, please support this non-profit!

If anyone has read my posts or blog 😉 you may know that I am the slavishly devoted parent of Sam, my 14-year old son and 8th grader. Reading the Sunday editorials two weeks ago in our local rag, I noticed a small post seeking a volunteer for a local non-profit Community Matters. I called immediately, we chatted the next day, met the following week and am now a faithful advocate and dedicated volunteer.

Their tag is: “Empowering Youth Transforming Communities,” and mantra reads:

“Collaborating with schools and communities to engage, equip and allow young people to become change-agents and peacemakers.”

Famously underfunded, we want to spread the word to as many fellow citizens, parents, teachers and kids as we can. If you have spare cash, we need it, if you have minutes to spare check out the website, forward the link to others. If you need further convincing before hitting delete and moving on, click through here, it happened yesterday in London.


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