WTF? Jury Service. Now?

It took me over seven years, many  hours of studying, a determined spirit, and lots of pennies to become a naturalized citizen of this great country. Why? No quick or easy answer. It wasn’t for the monetary benefits. Still in my 30s, I didn’t see social security as something to hang my hat on. Certainly not  for health care. It doesn’t exist, at least as I write. Both were a given in my native country, England, UK.

So why become a citizen?

I wanted to be part of the process and to have a voice that mattered; to be heard, to have representation of my thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and all the other good-feeling notions one has as they pledge their allegiance to a flag other than their birth or adopted home.

So what’s up with jury service?

Nothing. I am excited. It’s my right. It’s what I signed up for.

So, what’s my gripe?


I started my new part-time job March 1st and on the same day received a jury summons to appear March 29th.

I have gently navigated over the past two years from unemployment to part-time work, whilst building a second career freelancing in social media and marketing communications. I also volunteer. Oh, and I have a mortgage, a young teenager, a couple of pets, and a few other frills, like a car.


Why not call upon those of us citizens who are so very unfortunately unemployed first. Me. For the last 24 months.  Just a thought.

2 thoughts on “WTF? Jury Service. Now?

  1. Dean says:

    Ah. Jury service. Everybody and their Grandma has an opinion on it. Mine? I think it should be an actual dedicated job. Why should the public be put in danger, not to mention what in hell do we know if we haven’t studied anything to do with court proceedings, evidence, trails and so on? Just a real-life version of Guess Who. I get that if it is different people each time then attacks are less frequent on those who get out and ‘avenge’ being sent down. So then why not have jury people out of public/offenders view? It is certainly one way to stop those pesky letters demanding we take part in something we haven’t the first clue about.

  2. I was in the final group when quizzed about motorbikes. I admitted that my dad used to race bikes back in the day. I was excused. The case was a civil one involving a drunk driver and a motorbike rider who had received injuries in a crash. The drunk driver had already been convicted. This was about money.

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