So they say no tanktops. Should I?


Jury duty is now a reality

Called in this evening and they have me in the cross hairs. Have to be in situ tomorrow at 8 am through whenever. I will keep you informed! Please feel free to pass this blog on by the way, as I seem to be the single author, reader and participant!


7 thoughts on “So they say no tanktops. Should I?

  1. debbie says:

    you got called for jury duty – poor you – just tell them that you agree with the person or your mentally ill and you won’t have to do it – but if you do hope it is not a long jury duty….

    • Whew, what a day!

      I was selected as juror 12 in a civil case, and then asked to leave by the defending attorney. So interesting to go through the process; I had mixed emotions about not continuing. Who would have thought?

      • Jonica says:

        Should have put my name forward – it no doubt would be more interesting than my current day job (Sorry Steven!) and paid more!

  2. Dean says:

    Jury service is a laughing stock to most people I know who’ve had the misfortune to be called upon. ‘A few days off work’ is often the phrase I hear. Leave the real work to those who study Criminology and the likes. Wouldn’t that be a lot more decent than 12 random regulars deciding the fate of an individual?

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