So why is it that a British accent is so attractive?

Must admit, when I hear someone with what we (Brits) would term as a “common accent”, I tend to run ten yards in the opposite direction!  They are most likely tourists and typically have loud in-law parents with them too. That smoke. Their kids are annoyingly brattish; perhaps it’s the being “abroad” thing? They always seem to dress for the season and not for the weather!

This is as stereotypical of the perceived view that the Brits have of US visitors. Won’t go there, but I think you have a good idea of both sides.

Please share your anecdotal confidences with the rest of the planet, or for at least for now, my blog…



5 thoughts on “So why is it that a British accent is so attractive?

  1. Robert C Fein says:

    I believe that many Americans with European ancestry have a craving to hear a formal British accent (watch “Geico” adverts and James Bond movies), as they enjoy the “proper” display of the language.

    Driving on the left, navigating roundabouts, ordering Indian take-away, snacking on crisps, Graham Norton, rock bands, cricket and football, are all forgotten.


  2. George Harris says:

    I agree Karen,the common London east end accent makes
    me cringe,thats why I’ve never watched one episode of
    Eastenders,some of my friends dare not miss one,I find
    that baffling. They seem to think that acting is one big
    argument,”We gotta talk”that sort of thing.
    Although I speak fairly common cockney,myself but I’m a
    bit long in the tooth to change,I have found myself speaking a tiny bit posher since playing golf with my
    club Vice President and club captain,they speak very
    posh ,and believe it or not the V.P is of Swedish decent
    and the captain is of Polish decent,but both are so
    Anglified you would not credit it!
    Thank you for the link, speak soon, love Dad.

  3. Dean says:

    Even though I speak a little more correctly and fluently than the people I live around, I’ve never thought my accent was attractive, what with being from up North. That was of course until I visited Canada for the first time in 2008. Apparently I sound posh, I got mobbed by people insisting on talking to me (or repeat words) and I also got free things. Boy did I make the most of it.

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