Memories of becoming a US citizen

A co-worker from South America will be taking her citizenship test tomorrow in San Francisco. It’s very expensive and highly bureaucratic, (okay call it governmental procedure),  to even entertain this process.

What’s to know? The correct answer to one hundred questions back down and up about the US constitution. They ask 10, but we never know in advance which 10! If you are curious, here’s a link to what us wannabees US citizens need to have in place. And I speak English!

3 thoughts on “Memories of becoming a US citizen

  1. Dean says:

    We’re all aware that government laws should be stricter and that the people applying should be able to speak English, at least to a relatively good understanding so not to allow everybody and their dog in. But even as a British citizen I find some of the questions on the citizenship test daunting. Although I guess the questions anybody with a slight ounce of commonsense would get make up for that. I’ve been practicing the Canadian one and can’t wait to get stuck into the real thing.

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