What’s the difference between lay and lie, put and place…?


Here I am, a real-time blogger finding myself in a dilemma, (had to spell check that word too). Grammar. I want to be taken seriously, but in all honesty, I am so inclined to write, half-knowing that most readers would suffer from the same inability to know what is correct. For example  I – or is that me?

During my elementary time at school,  grammar was drilled into us students, learning by rote, referencing the “First Aid for English” text book. Anyone remember? We also had cursive handwriting lessons daily. I am a “lefty” and found writing cursive difficult, but not as much as previous generations who were chastised, and sometimes demonized and forced to use their right hand.

What is your experience?

Looking to build upon useful resources,  in the meantime, here are two fun links:



3 thoughts on “What’s the difference between lay and lie, put and place…?

  1. Jonica says:

    I just go with whatever Word tells me. If I get that little red underlining, well then it’s wrong. If no underlining, it must be right. It is the guiding hand of the Almighty Writer up above.

  2. I think the difference is that it makes things more
    comfortable to say, for instance—“I think I’ll lay this piece
    here” rather than “I think I’ll lie this piece here”.

  3. Dean says:

    It might sound strange, but I like to challenge myself. If I write a paragraph or a small piece I will try (obviously!?) to get all spelling and grammar correct. If I fail then I try again another time. Just to keep on top of things I guess. Although if such programs like Word underline something, I have to double check it because all too often it will tell me that coloUr is spelt wrong…

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