Graduation time

My son Sam will be graduating from 8th grade on Wednesday June 9th. He’s 14 and looking forward to the next four years attending high school. Mostly. He is on a high and I am a blubbering idiot! Didn’t think that it would happen this fast. He chooses friends over mum-and-me time, and quite rightly so. I feel bestowed with a great gift if he asks for a hug. That the request is usually a precursor for a “I need/want/must have…” is neither here nor there! Thankfully the car keys stay in his distant future.

The other day while driving to school, he wanted to put his iPhone on loudspeaker. What for? Not to sing along to his stuff?! I grin and bear the language, and can barely stand the sexual content, let alone the references to drugs, gangs, and more. What surprises me to the extreme is that I could recognize and name up to 50% of the artists! I digress.

Sam’s school celebrate the culmination of the 8th grade graduation effort with a water rafting trip on the American River at South Fork. (I remember this because I live in America and used to watch Dallas.) They spend their 8th grade year fund-raising, and bless their cotton socks, they managed to raise over $9k! I like this because the more they raise, the less that I as a parent need to pay.

A fellow classmate of Sam lives a couple of doors down. Her sister is graduating from high school as I write. The sun is shining. The sky is blue, and I know that she is ecstatic to have a place in a college in California later in the year. I am not going to blink too many times, because if I do, it will be Sam.

Congratulations to all graduates of 2010!

2 thoughts on “Graduation time

  1. Karen, think of it this way, you have done an awesome job with him, and he was loving way longer than most. genetics i guess, tee hee. I am saddened by the fact that he is growing up fast. I actually LIKE the music he listens to, we were discussing the artists, and find that we do enjoy the same stuff, imagine that? At least you are grown up enough to know who it is, but don’t turn it up loud while driving alone! lol.
    You really have done a great job with him. I am so amazed that you have raised this brilliant gorgeous young man, and you still look great and are as sweet as ever. With all of the challenges you have faced, you are so incredible, especially that he got into a prestigious school, and will have a wonderful future. I just had to comment.

    I love you lots!

  2. Thank you as always for your beautiful comments Chris. What a bond we share! We’re home together this weekend and the next and I’m thoroughly enjoying our time together. Incidentally, I announced as he “inhaled” his lunch that I would be going out in half an hour, to which he responded, “Where to and for how long?”. Huh!!

    I love him more than words.

    Have a great birthday celebration tomorrow!

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