Born Again Veggie

Dilemma: Not too keen on vegetables!

It all started back in my childhood. Doesn’t everything? Mum would eat beef, lamb and fish. Wouldn’t go near fowl due to granddad performing an unforgivable misdeed with her pet chicken. Nan, whom we shared lodgings with, would eat any part of anything that had a heartbeat. She also added two teaspoons of salt to any boiled veggie, always for twenty minutes. And she smoked (cigarettes)  most of her life-giving up in her mid-70s. She passed in her sleep in her mid-90s. Bless her cotton socks.

My catalyst? The way  “they farm” chickens. It’s a conveyor belt where “healthy” hens are loaded, and then removed as pieces of meat. Just can’t do it. Saw it on a the news last week; it is not okay to see animals “farmed” in this way. I don’t really like the taste of chicken.  But. I love chicken saté, grilled sandwiches, and more.

I guess the mushroom police will convince me that I am not a fungi?! (I’m a girl).

My step-daughter works for the 4-H program in Sonoma County where kids raise animals for meat. One of Sam’s best friends has just slaughtered a cow, that they cooked part of at a recent dinner during a sleep-over.

I live in a farming environment. However, most things that I stick on the grill are vacuum packed and have a sell-by date. Am I hypocritical or …?

2 thoughts on “Born Again Veggie

  1. A veggie eh! well what ever next, as a nipper you would’nt
    touch greens or sprouts, but it could be good for you as
    there is no fat in veg.
    Are we going to see a slimline Karen, in future and maybe
    you could get Robert to follow suit, now that would be
    ps. I think I told you,if you see a potred tweet signed by
    Tom, ( the old man ),ok. just in case Rbrt gets the wrong idea.
    Luv Dad.

  2. Dean says:

    Once upon a time I was going to give up eating meat, not because I feel sorry for the animals as they’re raised that way and know no different, plus I need to survive and a diet of broccoli and pills to make up for the red meat you aren’t consuming doesn’t appeal to me. But it was because every time I took a bite of something I would half-gag. Everything that is except chicken. And I have no idea why. I don’t half-gag anymore, but I can’t eat meat that is too thick. Anal huh? I live next door to a woman who eats nothing but breadsticks. I think they call them vegans. Poor thing.

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