About the Germans…

Let’s get it over and done with. England and Germany played in the world cup today. We lost. A good goal, that would have been an equalizer at a critical time in the match disallowed. However, the German team continually outplayed our “golden boys” and that resulted in a score of 1-4.

Thinking back to holidays abroad enjoying the Spanish, Greek, Portuguese beaches and resorts during the 70s and 80s. I was a typical young woman spending my hard-earned savings on summer package trips abroad. I would stock up with coconut oil, (all the better to fry in), after-sun, a couple of hot bikinis and cutesy stuff for nightclubbing.

A typical day would consist of waking up around 11 am with a hangover and drinking buckets of anything other than alcohol. At least until 3 pm. Seldom would I eat breakfast or lunch. Beach or pool until 5 pm, having had a couple of sherberts, it was siesta until 9 pm. Then shower, gingerly apply after-sun to the red bits on my torso, slab on the war paint and hit the local haunts for dinner and clubbing. Usually we would party until around 3 or 4 am. Mostly later. On my way back to the hotel it never ceased to amaze me that the towels were already out on the lawn chairs, bagged by the Germans. The British were unanimous in their consternation at such selfish activity on their part. By the way, if you are not following along, these were the times when you brought your own towels with you, and just hoped that they would last the distance. I used to leave mine behind to make room in my case for souvenirs for folks back home.

What makes this fresh in my mind is a recent Pilates class at The Airport Health Club where I work part-time. Sheresse teaches a great class on Friday morning and Jonica and I try to make it if possible. It’s preceded by another so we gather outside until okay to enter. It’s always full so our strategy is that one of us grabs the mats while the other grabs the foam rollers. The other day I mumbled to Jonica “This is like the Germans on holiday”. I swear we both cracked up and giggled through the session because no one in the room but us would have had a clue  what made my comment so funny.

It was a great class and a wonderful summer.

One thought on “About the Germans…

  1. Good job we were’nt playing football against Germany
    in 1939-1945, the Crauts would have been saying
    something like—” Ve heff vays off beating ze crap
    out off you Eeeengleesh, ya”.

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