Why subcribe to BBC America?

Are there better avenues to access “quality” shows? From recent viewing it’s mostly ten-year-old repeats or “the Starship Enterprise” WTF! If I wanted to see US repeats I am in the right country to see them!

Am open to suggestions, please share!

One thought on “Why subcribe to BBC America?

  1. Dean says:

    This made me smile. It reminds me of any time I’ve been pretty much anywhere in Europe, especially the Spanish regions and they’ve got 2 channels dedicated to English viewers. And they specify it too in their illuminated run down of the place in their brochure. Forget the 30 degree heat and beer pool side, Corrie’s on! I think the only thing British with BBC America is the BBC bit in the title. Even in Canada when they’ve showed British shows they’ve been incredibly old. Yet if there is one thing I prefer watching whilst abroad it is our news. There is more of a realism to it. And as for American/North American radio. If you’re hungry don’t bother switching on as all they seem to do is advertise fast food joints.

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