Here’s Why I Procrastinate . . .

I procrastinate. I have written about this before so won’t bore you with the details other than it’s a little sad. I seem to want me to fail? That makes no sense. Last week I scheduled a teeth cleaning, two years overdue, and a mammogram, that I was reminded about just a week ago. (Points for following through immediately!) In the meantime I am sitting writing this in profound defense of those who follow me, my dad and Jonica, rather than making the needed trip to the washer/dryer and Safeway.

The teeth cleaning went well until flossing.  My two top front teeth have two crowns with porcelain something or other tops that make them look extraordinarily natural and new. The top left, they called it tooth nine, popped off. These things have been in place from 1999 and cost more than a facelift. The hygienist, bless, was a little flustered and had me hold the tooth and departing work of art, and engaged a co-worker to paste it back into place until I see the Dentist, twice.

Did I mention dentist phobia and no insurance… and people ask why I procrastinate…

7 thoughts on “Here’s Why I Procrastinate . . .

  1. Colin says:

    ouch! in more ways than just one; money, pain, and phobias: who needs those…

    There may be more people than you realise who read your fables and anecdotal musings of everyday life and observations.

    English is such a wonderful and rich language, it’s nice to read nice things. 🙂

    Hope you manage to sort out your crowns.

    • Colin,

      Thanks for being here and responding! Currently watching America Has Talent (they don’t), with two British judges, Sharon Osborne … Piers whatever, and they have talent?!

  2. debbie says:

    I have no insurance either. You have to be a millionaire. It has cost me 1000.00 for TJ to have his teeth fixed and that has only been for 3 visits so far. About the phobia, hmm – the arms of the chair sure get a beating. I do like the TV and the music……did I mention lots of gas, freezing and anything else they can give me. I then sleep for 3 days. It is to bad they cannot have a silent drill…..procrastination is a marvelous thing.

    Needless, to say my original dentist committed suicide. But, damn he was good!

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