Not the Tour de France we anticipated

Called home today. That’s London, UK. Mum, always happy to hear from me, sounded a little rushed. Local time she should have stepped out from the tub and preparing for bed. Not. Evidently dad was in the guest bedroom, that charades as his cave and internet cafe, waiting for a radio announcement about a neighbor. She was in a hurry to join him so we shared a little more about why. This is the scenario.

Larry Lucas, a neighbor of my folks in Shepperton, UK,  took the ferry with his son and daughter’s boyfriend from England to France on a cycling vacation. All went well until they approached the ferry for their return to England, when Larry had a freak accident, resulting in a comma. This was 6/3/10. He was helicoptered to a hospital near his home several weeks later.

Dad sent a message to the hospital radio DJ that would be broadcast to peeps and to those that listen via the internet.

Larry, I can’t wait to meet you on my next visit home!


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