Keeping the flame on simmer . . .

Living in California while most of my folks are in England (with a straggler in Australia and a few in Canada), it makes sense to use Facebook. I still pick up the phone and use e-mail, but generally it’s a lot easier to upload pics, videos and comments that are shared amongst those who elect to receive them. If truth be known, they probably have me on “hide”.

The Social Media Diva in me needs to let you know: If by any chance you don’t know how to hide but not offend a “friend,” you have a friend in me! To the top right of the post as you mouse over, there will be a hide button. It’s there for a reason!

I digress. As usual.

So, having re-married several years ago, my husband decided after being “downsized” that it would be financially beneficial for him to work first in Miami, then Chicago and now Denver, while I keep the home fires burning in Windsor, CA. Mostly. The ride has been turbulent, a metaphor for life today.

Our passion is music, something that is a family trait. I remember as being barely out of diapers and visiting a hall in Chiswick, watching my dad play lead guitar (I think?), with “George and the Dragons.” Yes, dad was “George.” My brother Dale inherited the musical gene and is a professional guitarist, with a Ph.D to prove it! Click through the link if you love the guitar.

Applying my musical gene to the separation equation, Rob, my hubbie, and I connect via YouTube. We mostly share music and vignettes of TV shows that we love and enjoyed. Here’s a few of my favourites:

Excerpt of British Ads from the 60s – 80’s (8 minutes – but worth the time. Spot the celeb!)

A snippet from Live Aid

Dusty Springfield

Elaine Paige/Cliff Richard (for mum, Linda and Pam!)

How do you keep in touch?

Love to hear from you!


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