Happy Mums Day USA

It was at my suggestion that Sam, my 15-year-old son, reserve a table for a Mother’s Day Brekkie. I had no doubt which one he would pick: KC’s Downtown Grill here in Windsor, CA. Nor did I have any doubt that it would be teeming with families: it’s part of their charm and has been our favourite watering hole since we moved to Windsor as single mum and kid eight years ago, almost to the day.

I have three very special moments that may hit a nerve if you have ever parented a boy teen.

  1. He told ME what time to be ready to go then showered, dressed, and was ready ahead of time.
  2. That he took charge at the reservation desk, was polite, patient and quite proud. Several adults jumped ahead of us and he just smiled and said it was okay. The owner, who knows us well, apologised profusely and led us to our favourite boothe – although she didn’t know it. Kinda strange how that happens?
  3. After a few stilted attempts at conversation we laughed. We’re getting to know one another all over again as a teenager and parent of same. We still like each other. I love that.

Maybe it should be like this all the time? I am a cynic and well versed at remaining so. It took a “Hallmark Holiday” to have mother and son sit across a restaurant table, without electronics or the Sunday papers, and just be.

Happy Mums Day,

When we were young - Sam's 10th Birthday

4 thoughts on “Happy Mums Day USA

  1. it is truly amazing at 16, what your child can do when they put their mind to it. One moment they can shock you and then make you cry at at drop…..I find at this stage your the good, bad and the ugly and you pray they just take in at least one sentence of knowledge you give them. I would change it for a moment…..However; I do, love those quite moments with a nice big cup of green tea

  2. Jonica says:

    I find if I start Mothers Day with Zero expectations then it can only go up from there – so far so good, no bickering and dinner is being picked up from the take out as I type. If there is no arguing about who throws away my styrofoam box at the end of dinner then its been a good Mothers Day!

    Happy Mothers Day – i hope the rest of your day was equally blessed.

    • The man child has since extended his cave beyond my worst expectations.

      We had the Pizza Guy visit. The puppy is barking at the Shitz Zu, who gave me a “present” in the family room this morning, two feet short of the dog flap.

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