Working in N. California: Holiday? Paid time off? When?

To receive benefits and paid time off working for a small company here in the USA is almost unheard of. Something that we take for granted in the UK. Let me back track here. I have been employed for 12 months working up to 30 hours before full-time with benes were even considered. This means 35 hours. Not much of a stretch for me but a huge commitment from my employer. I am a degreed professional, working “full time” and employed just below the benefit line but not ok for me to gig as self-employed. If there is a “bank holiday” I may take the time off, but must make it up within the two week pay period. I think that we have five paid holidays, and if they fall on a weekend, sobeit. Don’t know. Haven’t got there yet.

Life is not a Zumba party here in California.

One thought on “Working in N. California: Holiday? Paid time off? When?

  1. Dean says:

    I don’t think it matters where you live, as humans we always strive to take things for granted. A sad shame when you consider what terrible things life can and will continue to throw at us. You take the rough with the smooth and I’m sure the benefits of living abroad outweigh those that don’t.

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