Do you have a spare paddle?

Getting fired in California is impossibly simple. It’s a “no-fault” state, but in the current econ, who is going to say “see ya” to their employer without another boat to row? Yet they, your employer, can do that back at you and as soon as your coffee break is over, you are packing your lunch box, putting your photos, iPod charger, etc., in a cardboard box; all the time keeping your head at low mast.

Because no matter what, you feel ashamed. Sad. Hurt. Gutted. Inept. Inadequate. Alone.

Sorry. You now suck. But you could sing like a Nightingale last Thursday.

Seriously. These people are mostly the working middle class, with little savings, and just trying to make it to next Friday. Never thought that it would be me. Again.


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