Barking Mad

Working from home is wonderful…

But not so great if you are surrounded by other homes, pets and people!

I love animals, living in the burbs and even hold a couple of my neighbors semi-close to heart. I do have pets: two small dogs, two sassy cats and a parrotlet who thinks she’s an African Grey.

What I cannot understand is why folks buy, adopt, breed or just have dogs. Then leave them lonely? From sunrise to sunset some poor pup a block or two away just doesn’t know how to relax. It’s quiet now. But I know that just when it’s time for dogs to take a nap, the cats are just waiting!

2 thoughts on “Barking Mad

    • Yep, and you get to meet the most interesting people out walking the dogs too! Just met a guy who was a dead ringer for Jerry Seinfeld’s dad. He was walking a huge poodle; nows there’s a man with a sense of humor!

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