Sitting In The Park…


My pup Romeo (who would rather now be called my two-year-old dog), and I often take walks in the Foothills, a rural park with three small lakes and lots of opportunity to walk, hike; jog; picnic; hang out and more. We usually stick to the regular path where Romeo has more opportunity to both sniff and greet other dog noses (and posteriors) than even he can believe possible.

A few weeks ago we were enjoying a brisk but rather mundane hike in the park. As we reached a level path, overlooking a small lake, on our left is a small but quaint lake with a couple of park benches strategically placed to enjoy the vista. The first bench is very popular because it not only has nice views but is also shaded by a large oak tree.

What was strange is that on the bench was a vase of flowers. They looked very fresh and my thoughts led to something romantic such as a proposal, birthday; anniversary; a rekindling of something even more romantic?

A few days later I couldn’t help but check by again. Only the freshest ones remained. It had been a more than five days  and I couldn’t help but chance by one more time. Romeo was loving it!

The vase was there and was replenished by another bright array of flowers. I was now beyond intrigued.

Yesterday I needed no excuse to walk the dog and as we approached the bench I felt just the slightest twinge of excitement.

Alas. The vase, flowers and ribbon had been removed…

One thought on “Sitting In The Park…

  1. The song reminds me of Acton County Grammar: the uniform, backdrop and sweet innocence of times past. And if you don’t already know, three of The Who went to the same school as me. But we won’t get fooled again!


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