A Sony Salute…

Several, if not many years ago I worked with a team of the most amazing, imaginative, fascinating characters and personalities that you would ever wish to add to a list of people you would have hated to have missed this time round.

I would like to admit to being one of them…

A couple of our team have passed.

Here’s to Chris and JDubb with love,


3 thoughts on “A Sony Salute…

  1. Tracy says:

    I remember some of your crew and indeed, absolutely, an incredible bunch that lived for Sony whilst having an absolute blast doing so. Sessions at the Kings Head, The Vic at Egham (now a friggin Burger King!!), parties at Bill’s house, horse racing with Jem, that piss up of a netball tournament in Bridgend, the Sony version of Its a Knockout which we all did, in the rain, despite banging hangovers, winding up the Little Persian at every opportunity…and that was just whilst you were here!! There was no company like Sony then, I was determined to follow in your footsteps, not remotely interested in working for anyone else. Amazingly, 24 years (and counting) later I am still here, albeit in a Co unrecognisable from even its most recent past. Not so many creative, colourful characters around now – most have gone during one cull or other, but happily many of us still meet up and have a laugh, albeit in a wine bar rather than the office these days. (BTW, who were Chris and JDubb?)

    • Chris (I wish I could remember his second name), and Bill Rowland were a double act funnier than anything you would ever see on stage or screen. Chris was the Video Camera Product Manager, movie star good looks, totally charming and crazier than a box of cats! JDubb was Jeremy White, or Jem. I heard that Chris moved to Seattle. He is now with Jem, knocking ’em back, sharing fishing and racing car stories. K.

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