Does coming second have to suck SO bad?

ImageI feel as if I have started a pity party just by the title alone!

What prompted me to write this is because I have been just that close. A lot, and especially recently. Coming fifth or ninth sucks, but second?

I have devoted so much time and effort to their interview process that I feel that I know the company better than their staff! But that’s what most of us do when we go for a job.

I wanted to yell: “You have no idea how much I would devote to you and your empire: how much harder I would work to get it right”

But you can’t. Someone else was younger, better looking, more experienced, needing less $, and so it goes. When I attended a required interview with the local unemployment office, we were told that we will hear:

“Too Young, Too Old; Over Qualified; Under Qualified.”

I disagree. I have been told all of the above at various stages throughout my career. It remains an enigma to me that a person can make a judgement about another based on a phone call, an email and perhaps an on-site interview. I  was a click, a nod or a “Yay” away from being able to continue to live and work in the town I have grown to love over the past ten years. I was second best.

It’s the way the cookie crumbles. It’s the way the dice fall. It’s the one thing that pissed them off. It’s the experience that I lacked. It’s the…

Who knows. But when people say “things have a way of working out for the best,” I want to spray washing-up liquid into their eyes!

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