Need a Helping Hand?

My son graduated high school a few weeks ago and left for Marine boot camp today. Soooo, I need to stop ruminating and pack my days to the gills for the foreseeable. It seems just a couple of sleeps ago when I was chasing from one camp to another, always surprised that yet again, they didn’t offer before or after-care. Or he was cranky or sick, or just didn’t want to go. I can help.

If you have four-legged kids or a feathery friend or two and would like to give them an extra walk or TLC while you are out I can help.

Balancing Act

Seriously, I would love to help out if you get stuck. Or even if you just need an errand or grocery run! This may seem altruistic on my part but there will be a small but reasonable charge for my time and services.  Let me know what I can help you with and I’ll get back to you asap. I can also provide marketing communications and graphic design but that’s a whole different set of rules! Let me know. I can help!

Much prefer your locale to mine as we have a houseful of pets. Please feel free to share!




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