It’s interesting and a perhaps little different now…

Having arrived here on the mother ship, Pan-Am Flight 69er (no clue), back in ’89, with some other gold diggers…

Not really, but could have been interpreted that way. The Forty-Niners were playing “football” in the Super Bowl. Huh? Not telling who won 😉

I have now lived in this wondrous state of California for 24 years. Married twice, divorced once; I adapted to the lifestyle with flourish and verve.

I was kinda cute in a Kate Moss without the Croydon accent and cheekbones way. When I was in my teens dad said I would make a great Playboy Bunny. Again, minus the boobs, and Croydon accent but perhaps with slightly better cheekbones…?

Love being a West Londoner. Very important unless you weren’t.

Have bags more to share but if it’s only dad reading this, I had better stop now!

My Ford Escape

Flying the flag